Minimal eye contact, he is wearing military uniform, he is having a secretive conversation, covering of face touching of the face makes him seem nervous. the guy he’s talking to waits for him to speak dosent interrupt and follows his orders,  he is more powerful than him, the environment is well guarded, shows him in his natural habitat, powerful, well looked after very clean and tidy, close ups showing the facial expressions of the two mens conversation, questions are straight to the point, simple answers given, no names are given for secrecy, keeping things vague, shifty sound effects

contrast of a different environment, shady area, shifty sound effects screeching noices, moody empty spooky religious spiritual, he is desperate and confused but remains calm and in power, mid shots used to show conversation, lots of close ups shows the intensity and the nervousness in the guys facials the women is more comfortable, the guy is doing something secretive and probably wrong

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