29th August 2017

3.9 scene analysis 2.

Her mum, flowers


  • At the rally site, basic,random location, trees, run down buildings (poor)
  • Close up of her face on the banner
  • Mid shot of man’s face setting up microphone- neutral coloured clothes
  • Rushed people everywhere
  • Putting banners up- democracy
  • Military rushing in taking control, red scarves on
  • Red banners- democracy
  • Military showing village people running away because they are scared of military
  • Military ripping down the banner taking away power and democracy
  • Close up of one of the military members face with sunglasses, stands strong, awkwardly  (sunglasses shows reflection of panic of the people), he stops the other guy from shooter her later on
  • Long shot of her walking through village engaging everyone shaking hands, neutral colours, poor living surroundings
  • Long shot changes between her walking and the military ruining where she’s supposed to talk.
  • Guy in charge orders others to make a line guns at the ready. Green background, representing military, men all with salves on, looking down.
  • So much military resources shown in wide angle shot making a line to stop one women, all holding guns, army trucks  
  • Military mean being ordered to stand in line guns at the ready don’t look happy at all, like they are being forced to do something they don’t wanna do.
  • Multiple lines of army to show power and strength
  • Wide angle angle shot of guns ready to fire
  • She speaks calm after finding out the news and proceeds onwards- mid shot of her leading her group of people, panic and whisper of people
  • She proceeded by herself, over the shoulder shot of her walking towards the line of military with guns, “turn back!”
  • Pan flute, slowed down as she’s approaching through the guns, steamy sound, back round deep drums perhaps represeting a heartbeat. every other sound is cut out
  • drums building up tension, hollow, low
  • sounds stop as soon as he yells stop!
  • sounds slow down to a bare minimum as the flash back to her father
  • low tones and high tones, threatening , heaven


  • “In line!” “Go back or we will shoot, prepared to die!” “Turn back that an order” “stop right there or we ill shoot” 
  • Autor style
  • Characters
  • -“Actions of principal/main characters are extreme because they want to bring greater clarity to their environment”


  • “The settings presented are often “dark and uncertain places where conventional views of what is right and wrong are challenged”


  • Conflict between principal characters and the world in which they live in
  • The nature and importance of freedom.


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