29th August 2017

3.9 scene analysis 1.


  • Car approaches through armed gates
  • Uniform
  • Heavily guarded
  • General Aung San meeting with people happy
  • Suspicious, airy, windy, moody sound
  • Suspicious guy on the inside scoping out the place – close up
  • Intense, shakers, percussion, music build up (asian sounds)
  • Military rebels walk together mid shot, red scarves are put on. 2 look the same 1 doesn’t, rebels run through the ranks
  • No dialogue – autor style
  • Toasting to democracy – doesn’t get to even drink drink
  • Slow mo once they break in, shows expressions on everyone’s faces
  • Flute noise
  • Shot over the shoulder of gun pointed at his face
  • Close up of Aung San face, zooming in 
  • Then snaps back to real life and guns fire everywhere
  • Gut fires more shots from a
  • Overhead shot of dead body – layout, map, death, setting
  • No armed people
  • “Blood has to be sacrificed”
  • Colour- light colours in the room, light costumes
  • Drinking tea, in their own environment all happy
  • Ancient spares 

Luc Besson autor style

  • Main character- outcast of society

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