Minimal eye contact, he is wearing military uniform, he is having a secretive conversation, covering of face touching of the face makes him seem nervous. the guy he’s talking to waits for him to speak dosent interrupt and follows his orders,  he is more powerful than him, the environment is well guarded, shows him in […]

18, 18 years of age. What comes before 18? 17, right? Well to me there’s a whole lot more that has come before my idea of the number ’18’. I have recently just turned 18 and if I had to describe the past few years leading up to being 18 i’d say they were some […]

The characters we respond to the most sympathetically are those who experience both suffering and triumph Point 1: Mi-ran Suffering: Father and being of tainted blood (Mi-ran and her siblings can’t move up in class rank/can’t marry well/can’t get highly paid jobs/can’t travel) p.24-25 SONGBUN p.5, p.28-29, Keeping her relationship in hiding p.4-5, p.7 System […]

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